The Challenges of creating a business on the foundations of principles.

October 17, 2023 by Arron Dixon
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The best thing about trying to change the world is that sometimes the world wants to change too. It all starts with a concept, and ours is simple yet profound: If 7 billion people reject an idea, a new one becomes reality. This is how movements are born; this is how they gain momentum. For us, the concept revolves around a world without plastic pollution. As a company, we refuse to abandon our principles as the go-to plastic-free solution provider.

Plastic consumption, especially the rampant use of single-use plastics, is a crisis of monumental proportions. It’s unsustainable, wasteful, and wreaks havoc on our environment. The very notion of using something for mere seconds and then discarding it, where it lingers for eternity in landfills or drifts through our oceans, is nothing short of a tragedy. Our oceans, teeming with life, have become dumping grounds for our carelessness.

So, why do we continue down this perilous path? What reason could there be to perpetuate such a harmful process? The truth is, we all do it, and it’s become a habit – a plastic trap we’ve unwittingly fallen into.
As a company committed to being a plastic-free leader, we encountered numerous challenges on our journey. We had one simple yet audacious rule: no plastic in anything we do. It sounded easy, especially in a world where sustainability was finally catching on. Yet, what followed might not surprise you, for it’s a story we’ve all seen: plastic waste floating like bottles in the sea.

Of course, we faced hurdles. Every business does. Were our plastic-free products slightly costlier? Yes, but they’re far from expensive. Did our clients embrace the idea of change? Surprisingly, no. The most significant hurdle we encountered was the division of habit. As we yearned to eliminate visible plastic waste and protect our oceans, it divided people into two camps: those eager for immediate change and those inclined toward gradual shifts. We wanted to be the former, and many shared our sentiments. But the decision-makers, those who held the financial reins, moved at the pace of sloths wading through treacle. They announced minor changes, made promises, and then retreated to their starting blocks.

The world is ready for change, and we’re still eager to make it. Yet, we’re consistently influenced by “convention.” Convenience, over the past two decades, has blurred into laziness. We all lead busy lives filled with responsibilities, and the pressures of daily life already weigh heavily on us. We don’t need an impending environmental crisis on top of that, do we? But given a choice and an easy path to change, most of us would leap at the opportunity.

People who wish to change their habits and help the environment would eagerly embrace the zero-plastic option if offered. The problem is, they aren’t given this choice.

Instead, we get a trickle of promises and flashy headlines. Now, every major supermarket pledged to go plastic-free by a certain year, and we all cheered in unison. However, the reality falls short of these promises. Plastic cups wrapped in plastic, individually wrapped produce, paper straws in plastic cartons – these contradictions persist. These companies, with immense spending power, could do more, much more. They should fulfil their grand promises of ridding their stores of single-use plastic.

This inconsistency between words and actions gives us the green light to make changes. When supermarkets speak and consumers look to them to set an example, why aren’t they making it easy for us? Why do they fail to follow through on even the basic principles of their statements? We’re emotionally motivated to change our habits, yet those who control our shopping experiences are lagging.

A client once shared her frustration with us: “I see all these TV ads encouraging me to use fewer plastic bottles, but I want to, and I can’t because the supermarkets aren’t giving me the option. It’s too hard to be the change.”

And so, we, as a company, pledge never to use plastic. We’ll lead by example, making changes in actions, not just words. Our commitment to a plastic-free world is unwavering, and we’re not just making grand statements – we’re taking real, meaningful steps toward eliminating more plastic than ever before.

Our path may be challenging, but it’s the right one. Change starts with us, and we’re determined to walk the talk. Join us on this journey, for together, we can make a world without plastic pollution a reality.

Shop, plastic free from creation to dispatch.  

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